April 27, 2022
Company : Russell Chiropractic Hand and Foot Clinic
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“I’m so happy I decided to try Chiropractic treatment before ever considering the last resort….surgery! The treatments have helped beyond words and I always recommend him to my friends and family! Dr. Russell is AMAZING!!”

“My pain has been relieved. I have noticed progress after every single treatment. I am very pleased with the awesome results and over all care plan! I am now able to work pain free!”

“Dr. Russell fixed me right up and is the only doctor that said it was a joint alignment issue rather than a weight one. Other chiropractors told me to lose weight and everything would stop hurting. With that staff’s help I feel better so I can exercise and be active. I am so glad I started therapy at Russell Chiropractic Hand & Foot Clinic!”

“My experience from treatment is very good! I can’t believe that it has helped so very much. Dr. Russell and his staff have gone above and beyond to see that I fully recover. 🙂 I feel that the practice truly is a God send.”

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“When my feet hurt I can’t play sports or even walk. It makes it hard to play baseball or run around with my friends. Dr. Russell saved my feet! I can go for a long time with barely any pain now. Dr. Russell is really nice and his therapy really works.”

“I love the extra things Dr. Russell does, from wrist adjustments to releasing endorphins by putting that tool to your ear lobes! Thanks, Doc! I now look forward to every appointment!!”

“I enjoy coming in for my scheduled treatments. You can tell everyone takes pride in what they do.” Shayne goes on to say, “With the help of Dr. Russell, I have experienced great results in a short time span. I know he’ll have me better than ever soon enough. To date I am claiming he has improved my golf game by at least ten strokes. Lol!”

“I am pleased with my progress! I love the office staff, they’re always pleasant and patient with me. Dr. Russell cares not only about you but also how you feel!”

“I signed up for 24 sessions with Dr. Russell and after going to approximately half of them I’ve now experienced my first couple of days COMPLETELY PAIN FREE!! God bless you, Doc! I can’t thank you enough! You’ve changed my life!”