September 22, 2017


Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a repetitive stress injury that can be caused by excessive typing or other repetitive motions with the hands. Continued movement can further the pain and injury as time passes. With any other pain, early diagnosis can help prevent the problem from becoming extreme.

Causes of carpal tunnel syndrome can be attributed to fluid retention, compression and repetitive irritation of the median nerve on the palm side of the wrist. These issues can result in intense pain or numbness in the part of the hand that utilizes this nerve, namely the thumb and first two fingers. In most cases, the pain will be most severe at night once the nerve has been activated throughout the day.

In some cases, wearing a wrist splint to neutralize movement of the median nerve can prevent carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. However, a wrist splint can sometimes aggravate the median nerve even further. For this reason, chiropractic care is a viable, non-invasive option to remove the pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Chiropractic care for carpal tunnel syndrome addresses the wrist and elbow, as well as adjustments to the upper spine that may be contributing to symptoms. With proper treatment, carpal tunnel syndrome can be a thing of the past. We would love to help return you to a state of optimal health!

Foot Pain

Foot Pain

Foot pain can leave a person feeling depressed, especially if they are normally an active person who enjoys running, golfing or even walking. A misaligned foot not only causes foot pain, it can also lead to other problems. Your feet are like the foundation of a house; if there’s a problem with the foundation, it will definitely cause problems with the floor, walls and even the roof.

There are 26 bones in the feet and if they are misaligned, it can lead to problems with a person’s knees. hips, back and neck. People often think of their chiropractor first when they develop symptoms such as back pain, neck pain or headaches. However, patients don’t normally think of their chiropractor when it comes to foot pain.

Because the average person takes nearly 4,000 steps per day, the feet can be overworked very quickly. This is because the feet take much more punishment than we consciously realize. There are many types of foot pain, however, a few common types are most often seen by chiropractors.

  • Heel Pain – A band of connective tissues called the plantar fascia are responsible for cushioning the muscles within the foot. Having the heel examined is incredibly important because it can signify a much more serious problem. Heel pain is most often associated with long periods of work while standing or participating in sports that rely heavily on movement.
  • Achilles Tendonitis – The Achilles tendon connects the lower leg to the heel bone within the foot. When Achilles tendonitis hits, the pain can change from manageable to excruciating very quickly. With extended use, the tendon may snap. Individuals that run or jump frequently, such as athletes and dancers, are more prone to developing Achilles tendonitis.
  • Flat Feet – Arches within the feet begin to develop during grade school years. In some cases, individuals may never develop this arch. Though flat feet don’t cause every individual pain, it can be very uncomfortable for a large portion of the population.
Neck Pain caused by Auto Accident

Auto Accidents

When should you call Russell Chiropractic Hand & Foot Clinic after an auto accident? ALWAYS! And not just for pain in the neck or back; hands, feet, shoulders and knees are also stressed and misaligned from auto accidents.

A car accident leaves more than a dented vehicle behind. That’s why consulting a chiropractor, particularly one who is trained in aligning extremity joints, is always a smart move after a collision. Dr. Russell often helps people recover and heal properly after an auto accident.

Most people are familiar with common auto-accident injuries, such as whiplash, back pain and soft tissue injuries, but some people do not realize that extremities can also become injured and misaligned. Due to the position of a driver behind the steering wheel, shoulder and wrist injuries are very common in car accidents.

“My role as a chiropractor is to restore proper biomechanical function and relieve nerve root pressure so that the body can heal itself long term and not just for temporary pain relief,” said Dr. Russell. “I try to resolve the problem as quickly as possible for pain relief and long term for improved function and stability.”

Dr. Russell has more than 21 years of successful experience in preventative health care and is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of many different injuries that can occur from a collision.
“My focus is to help people regain normal movement and to relieve any pain and discomfort they may be experiencing,” Said Dr. Russell. The first step in healing after an auto accident is to realize that you need to see a chiropractor to help ease your pain, even if it appears days after your accident.

Over the last several years, research has proven that injuries can and do occur in low impact collisions. The most common injury is whiplash. Whiplash was discovered to occur in sudden changes of speed of only 2.5 miles per hour, with minor back and knee injuries also occurring.

While standards in automobile bumpers are made to withstand damage at 5 miles per hour, the human body does not withstand damage at this speed; or any speed for that matter. This can lead to many forms of neck, back, spinal, and knee injuries.

If you have an accident, you are less likely to get a recurrent and chronic problem if you seek chiropractic care and treatment right away. Visiting Russell Chiropractic Hand & Foot Clinic after an auto accident is a step in the right direction towards diagnosing problems arising from car accidents. Dr. Russell can determine how much damage your body has sustained and recommend treatment necessary for a full recovery.

Often times, common injuries sustained in a wreck cannot be seen externally, such as injuries to muscles, ligaments and discs, and can heal with scar tissue which can ache years later. The damage to the spine can lead to recurring headaches, neck pain, stiffness, chronic muscle tension and spasms, lower back pain, spinal disc degeneration, inflamed arthritis, sore and tight inflexible muscles, a greater chance of repeat injury and aid in poor posture. Delays in the onset of pain are also very common.

Joint injuries may cause post-traumatic osteoarthritis, which is a speeding up of the arthritis process and develops at an earlier age than in people who have not had trauma relating to automobile accidents. Dr. Russell looks at the overall health of his patients and takes into consideration their lifestyle, such as diet and amount of daily exercise. This integrated approach helps determine the best treatment for their injuries.

“After spending many years in pain from an old neck injury, I finally gave in and went to see a Chiropractor,” said Nate, one of Dr. Russell’s patients. “I was having serious issues in my shoulders and it was affecting even the smallest of daily tasks. After just a short time seeing Dr. Russell, there is already a vast improvement in the relief I feel. My range of motion has greatly improved, the pain has diminished substantially, and I have an overall rise in energy.”

On your first visit, Dr. Russell will discuss the symptoms and previous injuries, family health history, and lifestyle, including recreational and work-related physical activities. Dr. Russell is uniquely qualified to restore the health of a patients’ spine, neck, knees, shoulders, and feet.

Full Spine Pain

Full Spine

Modern spinal treatment can be traced as far back as the nineteenth century in America. David Daniel Palmer developed the theory that spinal misalignments block the nervous system from properly healing the body. By focusing on spinal manipulation as a non-drug method of correcting imbalances, his theories eventually would form the basis for modern chiropractic care.

There are over 100 methods that chiropractors use worldwide for spinal adjustments. The two most prominent methods are spinal manipulation and spinal mobilization. These methods, though both different are very effective in correcting spinal issues and associated pains.

  • Spinal Manipulation – For this method, a chiropractor will use their hands to apply a sudden, controlled force to a specific joint. When this happens a patient will generally hear a distinct popping noise that resembles the cracking of knuckles.
  • Spinal Mobilization – This method is much more gentle than spinal manipulation. A chiropractor will focus more on stretching and use less forceful thrusts to correct spinal issues. In some cases, a small metal tool called an “activator” will apply direct force to the vertebrae.

In addition, some chiropractors will use hold or cold therapies, electric stimulation, spinal stretching devices and deep tissue heating with the use of ultrasound. The majority of these procedures will be performed on a padded table that can be adjusted for patient size or positioning. Some parts of the table may also move during adjustment to achieve targeted force during the movement.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain

Chiropractic care offers a safe, non-surgical approach to relieving shoulder pain and dysfunction. Dr. Russell can help relieve pain from head to toe, and that includes the shoulder. He is working hard to change people’s preconceived and limited ideas of chiropractic care.

When should someone call Russell Chiropractic Hand & Foot Clinic about their shoulder pain? Like any other pain condition, the sooner a patient gets appropriate care, the quicker the pain will leave and allow them to go back to normal activities. More importantly, the sooner they get appropriate care, the less likely they are to get a recurrent and chronic problem.

If a person is unsure of the cause of their shoulder pain, or if they do not know the specific treatment recommendations for their condition, they should seek chiropractic help. Treatment of these conditions must be directed at the specific cause of your problem to be affected.

Signs a person should seek chiropractic treatment include:

  • Shoulder pain the persists beyond a few days
  • Recurring shoulder pain, even if it has a history of settling on its own
  • Inability to carry objects or use the arm
  • Injury that causes deformity of the joint
  • Shoulder pain that occurs at night or while resting
  • Inability to raise the arm
  • Swelling or significant bruising around the joint or arm
  • Signs of an infection, including fever, redness, warmth

It is important to remember that pain from the gall bladder can be felt over the right shoulder and pain from the pancreas can be felt over the left shoulder, and most importantly, heart attacks can refer pain into the left shoulder and arm. Chiropractors are trained in medical diagnosis and one of the priorities in the examination is to rule out more serious medical conditions before any treatment can start.

Dr. Russell looks at the overall health of his patients. If they are coming to him for shoulder pain, not only does he focus on their shoulder, but also on their lifestyle, such as diet and amount of daily exercise. This integrated approach helps determine the best treatment for their shoulder pain.

To help identify the cause of the problem, Dr. Russell will discuss the symptoms and previous injuries, family health history, and lifestyle, including recreational and work-related physical activities. Special chiropractic techniques may relieve the pressure that is causing shoulder pain. After the location of misaligned bones, Dr. Russell manually applies gentle pressure and re-positions the joint. These adjustments help restore alignment, improve mobility and relieve pain or stiffness.

“Dr. Russell has been extremely patient and very informative throughout this process and I feel comfortable saying that he has made my health and recovery his priority,” said Nathaniel. “One could not ask for a better support team, as well. They are always friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for, or considering, a chiropractor. Look no further than Dr. Russell and his exceptional team!”

Dr. Russell may recommend additional types of treatment for relieving shoulder pain, including moist heat, ice packs, massage and stretching and strengthening exercises. Surgery, injections, and medications may not fix the problem and should definitely not be the first course of action.
Many people have been told that there is nothing that can be done to change or manage shoulder pain. “That is not the case,” said Dr. Russell.

“Chiropractic care can most definitely relieve painful shoulder conditions. Many patients often wonder if the adjustment is a painful process. “Most patients report their adjustment to be a pleasant experience,” said Dr. Russell. “This is because as healthy alignment is restored to those areas, the body will begin to function better and feel more relaxed.”