One Important Tip to Protect Your Hands
February 21, 2023

Your hands and fingers are very versatile allowing you to engage in many different activities that require the most precise motions as well as those activities that require sustained holding power and strength.

Therefore without even realizing it, you may use your hands in such a way that could cause undue stress and injury to the fingers, thumb, and even the wrist.

The best rule of thumb (no pun intended) is to always attempt to keep your hands in as neutral and relaxed of a position as possible when performing enduring tasks.

With in creased shopping for groceries and other items this time of your, you may find yourself carrying around more items at once than you normally would. have you ever arrived home from the store and instead of making two or three trips to carry everything inside you simply lined up all of the bags at once, looping them over your wrist, hand, and individual fingers? So many people do this, but it an be traumatic to the tendons and joints of the wrist and hand.

A bag of groceries may not be all that heavy by itself but with multiple bags at once, possibly pulling unevenly at awkward angels, your fingers, hand, and wrist could be come strained. This may either aggravate an existing hand condition or cause a new one.

Maybe you don’t normally carry grocery bags in such a compromising fashion, but it’s probable that you can relate with some other activity where you commonly use your hands in a high-stress or sustained awkward fashion.

Even when you take precautions to protect your hands, you may still encounter stress or pain after prolonged physical activity.

Healthy bone and joint alignment of the wrists, hands, and fingers will help you maintain better function and dexterity.

We provide full body chiropractic care to those patients who need it, focusing on adjusting the tiny bones and joints in the wrist and hands, feet, and the spine.