Back To School Stress Relief Tips
August 9, 2017

*Get in a routine- Set a breakfast morning routine that works for everyone. Try to make mornings calm and be enthusiastic about whats planned for the day. (Reader’s digest)

*Stay organized- In a 2012 study, researchers showed clutter in the home resulted in measurable increase of stress hormones. To prevent the build up of clutter and the stress that comes with it, allocate time to tidy up and put things away neatly. (Ran Zilca, 5 Meaningful, Science-Backed Tips to Reduce Back-t0-School Stress)

*Have a dedicated work space for them to do their homework and roll InTune Essential Oil Blend on their neck to help them stay focused.

*Schedule downtime for your kids- Extracurricular activities are great for kids but be sure to set aside at least one evening after school every week to relax and spend time at home with family, this will help them unwind and prepare for the rest of the week. (Reader’s digest)

*Reduce sugar, caffeine and processed foods- Studies suggest that processed foods and sugar greatly impact children’s behavior, well being and health including anxiety chemicals in the brain. Try keeping a basket of fruit on the counter or easily accessible in the fridge to give them healthier snacking options. (All American Healthcare)

*Breathe consciously- Failing to breathe deeply means our brains may not be getting the oxygen they need and also robs us of the stress-relieving capabilities of breath. Try a few deep breathing exercises with your children to help them increase the oxygen to their brains and help them focus.(Ran Zilca, 5 Meaningful, Science-Backed Tips to Reduce Back-to-School Stress)