Massage Therapy
June 27, 2018

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Massage Therapy is an important part of Dr. Russell’s Synergistic and proactive practice for optimal health. Massage Therapy’s therapeutic treatments provide benefits that compliment Chiropractic Care. For example, the tension in your muscles could be putting stress on your bones that contribute to an alignment issue or the alignment of your bones may be creating stress on your muscles that encourages tension. With Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy combined you are likely to have a faster recovery rate and longer lasting treatment results than if you were to do only one or the other. Our muscles and the different systems within the body, (immune, skeletal, respiratory, etc.) need adequate vitamins and nutrients to perform. Massage Therapy provides support to the body’s systems, relaxes the mind, and heals the soul. Ingredients from the earth provide effective purpose within natural healing properties and gives positive effects to the body, which is why all our Signature Products are uniquely Hand Crafted with Organic Materials.

Massage Therapy has specifically designed treatments for people who want high quality professional massage care with beneficial spa amenities like dry brushing or a detoxifying mud wrap. We are proud to accommodate people who would like to improve their quality of life. Massage, Deep Muscle Massage, and Structural Integration has helped many people achieve their wellness goals. We offer complimentary consultations for those interested in speaking with a Professional Massage Therapist about your wellness goals, Essential Oils, Therapeutic Massage modalities, specific ailments, and client/therapist expectations.

Massage Therapy accepts Health Savings Account (HSA) cards.

If you are interested you may use your Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for your massage Therapy services.

Please Note:

Massage Therapy has provided the Massage Therapy intake form on the Patient Forms page of the website. We encourage you to print, fill out, and bring the Massage Therapy intake form with you to your first appointment. If you wish to fill out the Massage Therapy intake form in our office we kindly ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. One of our highly-trained Licensed Massage Therapist will thoroughly review your Massage Therapy intake form with you to create a customized massage plan that is specifically tailored to you.

Massage Therapy Services are available by appointment only.

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Monday – Wednesday 1:45 & 6:15
Thursday 3:00 – 7:00
Friday 9:00 – 1:00 & 3:00 – 7:00

Massage Therapy Services

10-minute Chair Massages | $10

Our time-courteous chair massages are available in our office during chiropractic clinic hours for patients before or after their chiropractic adjustments. Our front desk staff will accommodate you in scheduling your chair massages so that we can efficiently and conveniently incorporate chair massages into your synergistic treatment plan. Please keep in mind that this service is first come first serve unless you reserve your massage prior to your appointment time.

Biomarker Scan

After a Therapist Scans your biological markers for imbalances within the body a personalized wellness report is created for you. Your wellness report will consist of convenient nutritional options to use or begin using. When one system in the body is needing support, it creates stress for the other systems. Our biomarker scan gives Dr. Russell insight as to what systems are needing support so that we can help you learn convenient ways to provide your body the support it needs to heal properly.

Signature Hand and Foot Treatments

Our Signature Treatments are designed to support your chiropractic care, encourage natural healing throughout the entire body, and to treat the soft tissues of your hands and/or feet. With each Signature Treatment, you will melt into our relaxed zero gravity massage chair while we apply warm towels and Aroma Therapy to your tired and achy hands and/or feet.

Signature Silver | 30-minutes | $45

This Signature Treatment is the perfect amount of time for a mid-day refresher or a relaxing way to end the day or for people with limited time.

Signature Gold | 45-minutes | $60

Including the amenities listed above, this Signature Treatment uses an Organic, Hand-Made Salt Scrub to exfoliate the dead skin from the surface of your hands or feet, extra warm towels to relax the muscles, and a custom lotion to soften and hydrate your freshly exfoliated skin.

Signature Diamond | 60-minutes | $85

The most luxurious and nutritious of all the Signature Treatments is this Signature Diamond Treatment that includes Aroma Therapy, Hot Stones, Our proprietary Hand-Made Salt Scrub, a Detoxifying Mud Wrap, plenty of extra warm towels throughout the treatment, as well as an exclusive body butter.

Full Body Treatments

The full body treatment options are customized for your neck, shoulders, arm, back, leg and hip needs. Full body treatments include a complimentary Biomarker scan, Aroma Therapy, and always complement our synergistic approach to optimal health.

30-minute Professional Massage | $45

Thirty minutes is enough time to relax. The time just for yourself to check out from your responsibilities is a good stress reliever. This is also a good length of time to focus on an area of complaint, if you are limited on time, or do not want full body work.

45-minute Professional Massage | $60

Forty-five minutes is usually enough time to thoroughly focus on one general area of complaint. For example; the neck and shoulders or hips and low back. This is also a good length of time if you do not want full body work but need more than thirty minutes of massage.

60-minute Professional Massage | $75

Sixty minutes is the most common length of time chosen by our patients. Your hour of massage is also the most customized option that is tailored specifically to you each time and always includes a hot towel compress.

Couples Treatments

Together you and your spouse or loved one, (best friend, daughter, etc.) can enjoy a custom massage at the same time, in the same room. We take pride in offering one of the most comfortable spa experiences for you both.

60-minute Professional Massage | $150

90-minute Professional Massage | $200

*Schedule your appointment with a Massage Therapy Specialist at 918-333-3363 or

Treatment Add-ons

Aroma Therapy | Complimentary to all Treatments

We understand the value of Essential Oils and make it a priority to complement our patients synergistic treatment plan with some of the most valuable nutrients found on this planet!

The following treatment add-ons are for Full Body and Couples Treatments Only.

Hot Stones | $5

Incorporating hot stone protocols into your treatments creates a very healing and effective experience. The hot stones have a sedative effect that can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress, and promote deep relaxation.

Dry Brushing | $5

There are many more benefits to dry brushing than just exfoliation. It is said to boosting circulation, stimulate lymph nodes, improves digestion, and helps smooth the appearance of cellulite.

Salt Scrub | $10

Our Organic Hand-Made Scrubs are especially made with ingredients from the earth that create an electrolyte balance, prevent muscle cramping, stimulates blood circulation, and can be applied on the hands, feet, or back.

Mud Wrap | $10

This detoxifying wrap is done on the hands, feet, or back and helps to remove toxins from your pores, allows skin to heal and reduces inflammation.

Onsite Chair Massage and Mobile Massage Therapy

Chair Massages are a positive way to bring an optimistic atmosphere to any Massage Event or Corporate Wellness Program and has been shown to help work-related issues such as poor posture, carpal tunnel symptoms, and increase low employee morale. Let our dedicated team take the stress out of bringing tailored chair massage to your office.

60-minute Chair Massage | $90

90-minute Chair Massage | $120

*For inquires please email

Ashiatsu Treatments

This specialty massage requires specific certification and special training that uses deep tissue/compression effleurage movements to create a structural change in chronic soft tissue damage. Oils are applied to the body and soft, clean, bare feet provide a rhythmic and effective treatment. Ashiatsu is recommended for clients that weigh at least 170lbs, or those who have large frames, dense muscle tissue, and chronic pain. Ashiatsu is particularly popular among athletes, but is not recommended during the 1st trimester of pregnancy, or within 6 weeks of any surgery. Please discuss with your therapist any potential health concerns before trying Ashiatsu.

60-minute Ashiatsu Massage | $85

90-minute Ashiatsu Massage | $120